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12 Smart and Affordable Tips For Your Glamorous Garden

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Having a well-maintained garden is not an easy job at all. You need to spend time, attention and money to have a friendly and fresh yard. If you feel exhausted and out of ideas how to revive the lawn, your vegetables and flowers, look at these 12 easy tips for a better backyard.

  1. Save Your Tools
    When it is too late for your garden tools and they are stiff, you can put a little car wax and make them useful again. The car wax will help the blades slide easier.
  2. Plants Love Coffee
    We are not the only ones who love coffee. Plants appreciate it almost as humans. Put some coffee grounds to the soil and you will give them the needed nutrients. Ask for coffee grounds in your favourite coffee shop.
  3. Sand Against Rust
    We all know that ramshackle and rusty tools are the worst thing in the garden. But you can prevent this when storing them in builder’s sand. If you have a little more inspiration, you can turn this idea into an interesting decoration for your garden.
  4. Use Coffee Filters 

    You can place a coffee filter at the bottom of the pots. That’s how you will keep the soil from draining out the drainage holes with the water. This action saves the soil and keeps the place around the plants clean.

  5. Test The Seeds
    This is an easy tip how to test some old seeds, if you want to use them in the garden, because there is nothing worse than planting seeds and never see anything come off. Place the seeds on a wet paper towel and if sprouts start coming out of them, you will understand they are good and you can use it in your backyard.
  6. Create a Rain Barrel
    The following tip is useful not only for you, your expenses but for the environment too. You can create your own rain barrel and collect water for your garden. You will be thankful after investing in it, later you will save time and money.
  7. Plastic Forks Can Be Useful
    We all know that plastic is becoming more denied because of the damages it causes to nature. But I will give you an idea how to reuse the plastic forks and prevent your hard work from destroying by pets and other animals. To keep all kinds of curious critters out, use plastic forks on the ground throughout your backyard. That’s how you will keep the garden safe from invaders.
  8. Use Vegetable Water When Fertilising
    This tip may sounds funny to you but if you think logically you will find why it is helpful to use vegetable water for the garden. You can create your own circle of life. Use the water from boiled vegetables to fertilise your garden. All the nutrients and vitamins stay into the water, every plant needs more of them when it grows.
  9. Homemade Watering Can
    It’s not necessary to throw away the empty milk jug, you can make a suitable watering can when you poke a few small holes in it.
  10. Lemon Rinds to Start a Seeding
    Lemon rinds are a perfect way to start a seeding. Just poke a hole at the bottom for drainage then add a little bit of soil and plant one or two seeds in it. And you have a homemade starting tray.
  11. Baking Soda in The Garden?! Yes!
    From the kitchen and the bathroom to the garden, baking soda is used in numerous situations. Baking soda can be used as a weed and grub killer, fungicide, as a soil booster and also as an ant killer.
  12. Eggshells For The Soil
    The eggshells are used in many situations. In gardening, they may help you by adding a calcium to the soil. Crumble a few shells to fine powder and sprinkle it around the plants. If your soil lacks a large amount of calcium and nutrients, you need to seek the help of proper garden maintenance. When you are not sure about the quality of your soil, a professional advice would help you a lot.

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